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Greetings traveller!

Halloween Festivities

To start, we're kicking off Halloween with a Spooktacular 25% Store Sale, available until the 31st of October - use this to get some awesome new items at a discounted price, enjoy!

To help get the spooky vibes rolling, we've given WinterCrest's Hub a makeover! Take a look around and soak up the cobwebs, but try to stay away from those giant spiders!

Limited Halloween Crate

One of the most anticipated limited crate events has arrived, and this is one you won't want to miss. Get your hands on these limited edition Halloween Crates until the end of the month, you won't be disappointed with the goodies inside!

Limited Edition Cosmetic Tokens: These tokens are won from the crate, and can be redeemed by right-clicking them while in your hand. This means you can win multiple and hold onto them, or hand them out to your friends!

  • Plague Doctor Mask
  • Spider Legs Back Gear
  • Demon Wings Back Gear
  • Jacko Helmet
  • Demon Horns
  • Candy Bucket Prop
  • Bone Staff Prop

Want to see what these cosmetics would look like on you? Go check them out in Cow's Cosmetics 'n Stuff!

Halloween Furniture: Similar to the rest of these special items, the following furniture is limited edition and specific to the Halloween update!

  • Skeleton Hand Chair Furniture
  • Gothic Chandelier Furniture (Paintable)
  • Gargoyle Furniture (Paintable)
  • Raggedy Scarecrow Furniture (Paintable)
  • Coffin Furniture (Paintable)
  • Witch Cauldron Furniture (Paintable)
  • Large Web Drape Furniture

Spooky Tools & Weapons: Special set of cosmetic-based tools! Note; these limited edition tools are unbreakable, meaning they will never have any durability!

  • Spooky Sword
  • Spooky Pickaxe
  • Spooky Axe
  • Spooky Shovel
  • Spooky Hoe
  • Spooky Bow
  • Pumpkin Shield

The Pumking Event

The Pumpkin King has arrived at WinterCrest, and he needs your assistance to collect lost Halloween souls found wandering the world!  Trade souls for generous rewards, available only during this Halloween event period! Here's a look at what's on offer:

  • 7 Different Jack o'lantern Decoration Blocks
  • Web Drapes Decoration
  • Spirit Lantern Decoration
  • Pile Of Bones Decoration
  • Pumpkin Trophy
  • Halloween Crate Key (Rare Chance)

Prof's event

Escape rooms

That's it for today, everyone! From the WinterCrest team, we hope you enjoy this event and as always, thank you for your ongoing support. We have some amazing things coming soon , so be prepared. See you online!